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anna anaka is a canadian writer/director of filipino and spanish descent. she currently resides in vancouver, bc, but is proud to have been born and raised in swift current, sk. she holds a bachelor of media arts (major: film + screen arts) from emily carr university of art + design. upon graduation, she was awarded the saralee james memorial award and the john c. kerr chancellor emeritus award for excellence in media arts. her final thesis film, looking back, won best student production at the 2021 leo awards.

her art practice in filmmaking explores themes of identity, memory and morality. with a cinematic style that plays with space and time, her character-driven stories examine the human condition and stimulate critical engagement from her audiences.

in addition to her work in the commercial film industry, she is currently developing her first feature length project.  

artist statement

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my work stems from a personal desire to challenge the status quo and to reflect on perceptions of ourselves and others. issues of inequality and minority representation have always been deeply important for me to address and have manifested in my art practice through the recurring themes of identity, memory and morality.

as a first generation canadian and a member of the sole filipino family in the community where I was raised, I am no stranger to what it means to question your identity. i also see how some of that questioning has been influenced by not seeing my experience represented or reflected in my community and mainstream media. through creating characters who disrupt the current boundaries inhibiting these stories from being seen or told, my hope is to bring about stronger and more diverse perspectives and move away from a linear way of thinking.

time is also something that we perceive is linear, but is in fact, not. my work plays with space and time, as i feel that is also a reflection of life. we do not walk through life in a straight line; rather, we move back and forth between influences from our past, our hopes for the future, all the while joining (or avoiding) the paths of others.

i have pursued filmmaking as my chosen medium because it combines everything i love – storytelling, artistic expression, community building and critical engagement. these passions have led me to produce a body of work that allows me to join my audience in working through some difficult conversations, observe the beauty of humanity and capture its stories.

while much of my work is fictional, i hope my stories evoke something real and meaningful for the viewer, whether emotional, intellectual, or both.

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